First Chapter – The Story of A Sad Fellow


Into the bluesSo I have landed in a strange place in a strange time, where words are streaming through the interactive screens and books can be seen in the pictures. Yes, this is the future. The pinnacle of our glory, the extreme point has been almost achieved and the process is still ongoing. We now know everything, every meaning of every aspect of our life in various ways (Except some inevitable rules of nature, but it’s okay. We are working on it.) and we can literally command our life and steer it in our desired direction. In a nutshell, We are a super-advanced race now (which is really appreciable, as Homo Sapiens does have an ‘E’ for Error).
But which seems much more amazing that there is always a soul around the corner who feels sad, who doesn’t feel like the society does. Maybe he needs a life out in this deserted techno-garden. Maybe he loves the Imperfection. He can’t express his views or his thoughts for there are some softwares who can judge the psychological situation by analyzing someone’s words or voice. And the society won’t accept unhappiness, because in this advanced world, everything must stay “Happy & Content”. So he is much more sad than it can be guessed. We can’t help him with all these technologies.
So, let’s turn the wheel of this time machine and come back to the present. We have seen enough of the future. Here, we still have our precious Imperfection. And here we also have a sad fellow around every corner. But the present allows us to express our thoughts freely.
Hence, this is an attempt to express those emotions, useless thoughts and sometimes a little happiness. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I am a sad guy but then again, who is happy?